Children & Families Supported


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Years of Professional  Experience

Child-centered Occupational Therapy Interventions

Supporting the Child's Development:

In the School

Fine motor coordination (writing, feeding, ADLs coloring)
Executive functioning skills
Attention/Focusing skills
Organizational skills
Behavior Management
Environmental Modifications
Sensory Diets

At Home

Fostering Independence in:
Self-care Routines
Social-emotional Skills
Play-Based Skill-Building Activities
Sleep Strategies
Behavior Modification

 Supporting Individuals with 

Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD), Aspergers, Anxiety, Coordination delays, Downs Syndrome, Dysgraphia, Dyslexia, Developmental Delays, Sensory Processing Disorder. 

Occupational Therapy Services

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Parent-centered Interventions

Supporting Parents in the Following Areas:

Facilitating Child Development

Strategies for Promoting Independence
How to Adapt Activities to Meet the Child's Needs/Skill Level to Foster Independence & Confidence
Gain a Deeper Understanding of Potential Obstacles/Causes of Development Delays
Tools & Techniques to Support Self-Regulation, Behavior Management, & Skill Development at Home

Fostering Parent's Wellbeing 

Strategies for Promoting Emotional, Mental, and Physical Wellbeing
Problem-solving Unique Needs & Challenges Parents Raising Children with Developmental Delays Encounter) 
Mindfulness-based Tools & Practices To Meet Challenging Behaviors with a Calm Presence
Tools & Techniques For Facilitating Positive
Connections Within the Family
Self-regulation & Stress management for the Family

Occupational Therapy Services

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My"Why" For Creating New Programs Designed to Support Parental Growth.

Certifications & Memberships


Sleeping Support Strategies

In this interview with Melissa Deally, I share tools and strategies to help kids calm their nervous system before bedtime, so they aren’t wired and full of energy and unable to sleep.   

Parent's Stress

In this interview with Karen Pulver, I examine ways parents can deal with stressful situations more productively while protecting their own and their child's mental and physical health. 

Making the Best of Living Overseas

In this interview with Lauren MacKinnon Steed, I dive deeper into my personal and professional life as a foreign service spouse.

Dyslexia, Reading Challenges, & Technology 

In this interview, we tackle the challenges of dyslexia and how technology can support our challenges, reading, and social-emotional skills. 


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