Raising children with autism, ADD/ADHD, and other neurodevelopmental conditions requires a very different approach and level of understanding of our children's unique needs and challenges
(as well as our own).

Our neurodivergent children propel us to think outside the box to understand better what they need to flourish and grow. The Empowered Parent Global Collective starting in April 2022, introduces parents to the different approaches, specialists, and strategies that can help our children's physical, emotional, and mental development. On Thursday, March 10th, a small group of parents will have the opportunity to start The Empowered Parent journey before it is released to the public. 

One of the critical elements of The Empowered Parent is that we are taking steps to ensure we have the mental, emotional, and physical strength to support our children's unique needs and challenges. Together in a fun and open-minded virtual setting, we will explore and practice various Eastern and Western health-promoting strategies to mindfully expand our mental, emotional, and physical state of wellbeing. Then we can lead by example, teaching our children what we have learned on our parental growth journey. We are supporting the neurodivergent child and their entire family through this approach. 

Mindfully Raising Neurodivergent Children Without Overwhelm

Live & Interactive Online Workshop Starting On Thursday, March 10th, 2022.

*The live workshop is limited to 10 parents per group.
If you wish to join, please register as soon as possible.

Registration will close when maximum participants are reached.

This workshop is designed to help parents:

Feel less overwhelmed, stressed, and have more patience to help both us & our children through stressful moments. 

Have more energy and mental clarity to see things that bother or trigger us in a new light.

Model to our children how we want them to respond in stressful situations.

Begin the journey of mindfully parenting in a way that empowers our children and us to be the best versions of ourselves

What to expect from this workshop:

A clear path

filled with tools and practices to decrease stress and increase inner strength and resilience. 

Better balance

between your needs and your child's (balancing giving & receiving).

Tools and 

practices to confidently approach the  unique challenges of raising children with autism, ADHD, and other extra needs.

Six impactful 

sessions filled with effective strategies & solutions to raising neurodivergent children without overwhelm.

A deeper 

awareness of what can change and how to change it. 


parenting approaches to handle difficult situations.


with parents from around the world who "get it."


during and after the workshop to help you continue with your goals.

As parents or careGIVERS, we tend to give to the point that we are running on fumes. This workshop will show you how to bring back the balance of giving and receiving and increase your energy so you have the mental, emotional,  and physical strength to approach stressful moments mindfully. 

We cannot give what we do not have.

Responses of parents who participated in past workshops.

"Dr. Shaffer is not only knowledgeable but extremely empathetic and relatable. She shares and opens up fearlessly about her own parenting experiences to invite a safe space for parents and caregivers to get support, be heard, and get inspired! She is a privilege to meet and learn from. A true gem

Audrey S.

Mom of child with autism

"Excellent resource for parents looking to make that leap from frustration to problem-solving mode. Parents will gain the confidence that working to regulate our own emotions and stress will help us carve out a safer space and a calmer environment for both parents and children to thrive." 

Darcy S. 

Grandmother of two spirited boys

"I found the workshop to be highly valuable, first in not feeling alone in our struggles and then empowered in our ability to become better for our kids. The time just flew by." 

Paul W.

Father of 3 (one with ADHD)

"I wish I had these tools 15 years ago!" 

Trish R. 

Mom of 2 teens

Workshop Facilitator

An American board-certified pediatric occupational therapist, speaker, and parent mentor specialized in treating children with autism, ADD/ADHD, and other complex and special needs. She began her career in 2001 after graduating with honors from the University of Pittsburgh's Health and Rehabilitation Science. She would later receive her doctorate in occupational therapy from Chatham University. Dr. Shaffer has worked in hospitals, schools, private clinics, and community centers along the East Coast and internationally. Her work is unique because she incorporates the knowledge and insights gained as a highly sensitive and spirited child, a professional with 20 years of experience, and a mother addressing the same challenges as the families she serves. Dr. Shaffer's passion for helping parents and children with autism was recognized in 2012 when awarded the U.S. Secretary of State Award for Volunteerism. Along with her academic training and research, she finds that curiosity and an open mind to Eastern and Western health and well-being practices are the keys to reducing stress, solving families' complex problems, and finding more joy in everyday life. 

Dr. Elizabeth Joy Shaffer

Founder of Therapeutic Innovations

This workshop follows

A unique training system for parents of neurodivergent children, teaching us to help our children from a place of calm and compassion so they can feel less stressed, anxious, and more self-regulated. 

Participate in a 6-week live & interactive online course & community where you gain knowledge, tools, and support to help both you and your child be more calm and resilient in those challenging moments. 

Week 1: The ABC’s of Overwhelm 
Week 2: Increasing Your Energy   
Week 3: Developing A Healthy Mindset 
Week 4: Preventing Overwhelm & Outbursts  
Week 5: Mindfully Overcoming Obstacles 
Week 6: Steps & Support for Continued Success  


Continued support with monthly checkins
→ "A" Way to Handle Frustration: Parent Guide

Mindfully Raising Neurodivergent Children Without Overwhelm

Group 1

Will meet for 1-hour Thursdays for 6-weeks starting on March 10th
10 am London (GMT)
12 pm Athens (EET)
6 pm Singapore (GMT+8)

Find the starting time in your time zone HERE.

Group 2

Will meet for 1-hour Thursdays for 6-weeks starting on March 10th
9 am Los Angeles (PST)
12 pm New York (EST)
6 pm Rome (CET)

Find the starting time in your time zone HERE.

Follow the steps below to join.

Step 1:
Click the link below to access the enrollment form.

-Less than 3-minutes to complete - 

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Step 2:
If you are absolutely ready to start this journey, then move on to step 3. Otherwise, connect with the facilitator via email at [email protected] or schedule a call/virtual meeting below to understand further what this workshop is all about. 


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Step 3:
Register for the workshop.

Starting Thursday, March 10th, we will work closely for the following 6-weeks to get an incredible transformation.

Are you ready to get support FOR YOUR NEEDS so you can support your child from a "full bucket? 

Live & Interactive Workshop

6-week live & interactive online workshop (each session is 1-hour)
[$42 per session]
Continued support with
monthly check-ins
[6-months free added support]
"A" Way to Handle Frustration: Parent Guide

For only $249 

Register before March 3rd and use the code EARLYB for a $25 discount.

If you are not ready or unsure about joining us:

Go back to step #2 and I would be happy to answer your questions or concerns
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

The program is specifically designed for parents raising children who are considered to be neurodivergent. Neurodiversity is a term used to describe individuals that process information internally (mind and body) and externally (environment and social situations) differently than others in a manner that can make performing specific tasks more difficult. Some of the diagnoses that fall under the umbrella of neurodiversity include; attention deficit disorders (ADD/ADHD), autism, anxiety, dyspraxia, dyslexia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, & sensory processing disorder. As I believe in inclusivity, any parent who wishes to join is welcome.

Do I have time for this?

Absolutely! I know how busy neurodiverse families are, so I developed this program to give support and information in a way that creates less overwhelm, not add to it.

Can both parents join?

Yes, both parents can join under one registration.

What if I cannot make it to a class?

You will have access to a recorded version of each week's lessons. In addition, you will have lifetime access to the workshop content.