The Empowered Parent

The Empowered Parent App will launch in March 2022 to provide parents with accessible information (training & resources), tools (promoting mental, emotional, & physical health), and support (parent collective/community) to better understand & support our neurodivergent children. 

Why We Are Creating This App.

Goal #1

Decrease stress

When less stressed, parents can face challenging moments with their children with more patience and grace.

When our children are less stressed, they can respond with more self-control and resilience in difficult situations.

Goal #2

Increase Knowledge & Confidence

Combining Western & Eastern health-promoting practices to support the whole family. 

Access to strategies used by Occupational therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Behavioral Specialists, and other experts specializing in treating children with neurodevelopmental disorders and child development.  

Integration of mindfulness-based practices and other ancient practices to sustain a more calm and nurturing home environment. 

Goal #3

Be Supported Within the Collective Community

Parenting should not be done alone. Have the knowledge & support of parents worldwide to learn & grow through parenting challenges successfully within a private virtual community setting.

Be Notified 

When the app is up and running.